Milena ZU

MILENA ZU collections combines colorful silk yarn, tiny crystals and metallic mesh, to produce fine jewelry entirely woven by hand. Inspired by the alchemical beauty of chaos, the brand is focused on ethically sourced materials and low-impact environmentally conscious practices by avoiding the use of harmful chemicals.
The fine wire is crocheted, following mathematical calculations in to achieve the shape for each design. Using a simple crochet hook, the jewelry is hand crocheted, work that cannot be duplicated by machine.
Inspired by nature in all its forms, and especially endangered wildlife, MilenaZU's latest collection is called WILD, and features leopard, zebra and cheetah patterns entirely made from tiny stitched crystals. The tiny crystals flow and move on the mesh, mimicking the movement of the fur. The collection achieves a delicacy that belays the strength of materials used, and a sensitivity and beauty that is at times other worldly